Do You Feel Perfect?! Cuz I Feel Perfect!!

Cain’s teammates celebrating with him after his perfect game

I work in the Coca-Cola Fan Lot at AT&T Park and Wednesday was just like any other day, or so I thought.  As my co-workers and I were getting ready to start the night we were expecting a good game with Cain on the hill, but nothing like what we saw.  Cain wasn’t the only one on fire for the Giants on the night of June 13th, which will go down in history forever, the offense was also ready to go.

The Melk Man got things started for the Giants in the 1st inning with a 2-run home run.  Belt followed with a big fly in the 2nd inning and ended the night with 3 RBI’s, a good game he desperately needed.  Blanco didn’t want to be left out and had a home run of this own in the 5th inning.  At the end of the 5th the Giants had already racked up all of their runs, 10, for more than enough offense for Cain.

I was working the slides in the Fan Lot so I could get a glimpse of what was taking place in the field.  During the 6th inning Gregor Blanco made a fabulous diving catch that kept the hits at zero for the Astros and according to the score board the Giants who have ranked among the worst in defense this year had not committed an error, the only question was if Cain had walked anyone.  I soon found out the answer was no.  The top of the 7th inning is when the fans started to get restless, and they had reason to.  Cain sat the Astros down 1-2-3 in both the 7th and the 8th innings.  As I was standing on the slide trying to see what was going on you got the sense everyone wanted the Giants to hurry up when they were batting just so everyone could watch Cain attempt to make history.  In the late innings of the game no one was sitting in their seats, and that was no different as Cain took the hill in the top of the 9th.  As Cain jogged out to the mound the fans, including myself, were going nuts.  Cain got the first 2 batters of the inning out and everyone was going crazy! We could taste it!  As Castro stepped in for the Astros as a pitch hitter I was nervous, excited, and scared all at once, I knew what was at stake and how rare a perfect game is in baseball.  Castro hit the ball to Arias at third base who came into the game for defensive purposes, he stumbled a little and made the  throw to Belt at first… OUT was the call!!!  OMG!!! A PERFECT GAME FOR MATT CAIN!!!

Even though I was working I was still cheering like the huge fan I am.  I started to tear up a little and didn’t no what to do.  I couldn’t leave the slide given it was still open, but I needed to celebrate with someone.  At that moment one of my co-workers started running at me and I jumped into his arms!  Everyone was so ecstatic, workers and fans alike.  When I was finally able to leave my post I met with my co-workers and we were all celebrating.  We watched Cain celebration with his team, watched the interviews, and even got to see him embrace and kiss his wife on the field, and I just felt honored to be apart of such a historic day for the Giants franchise.

Matt Cain was the 22nd person to throw a perfect game in MLB history, and the first perfect game in the 128 years the Giants have been around, whether in San Francisco or New York.  And it’s a day no Giants fan will ever forget! 🙂


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