Goin Yard!

Blanco during his home run trot with third base coach Tim Flannery

Going into today’s game the series versus the San Diego Padres was all tied up at 1 game a piece.  The Giants have been on a roll as of late and wanted to steal the last game from the struggling San Diego Padres.  And who better to give the Giants that chance other than their own Matt Cain? No one.  Cain pitched 7 innings giving up 3 unearned runs, due to our continuous bad play in the field.  But thankfully to our big bats that came out swinging today that didn’t matter.  Posey, Pagan, and Blanco all went deep in the game and the Giants ended up taking the win 8-3 and also the series in San Diego.

Our offense being productive definitely is going to be key as we head into summer, but if we can’t play solid defense behind our pitching nothing else is going to matter.  The Giants lead the league with 55 errors this season and we haven’t even made it to the All Star break!  The leader in errors for the Giants (a category you don’t want to be a leader of), is none other than Brandon Crawford.  He was supposed to be a sure handed shortstop and it seems that is confidence is lacking.  I don’t doubt his talents, but if the Giants don’t start playing good defense, you can wave goodbye to any chance at the playoffs.


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