Grab Some Pine Meat!

Cain in the throwback uniforms from 1912

On Friday June 1st the Giants started a four game series versus the Chicago Cubs.  To get the weekend started on a positive note Theriot and Posey both knocked in runs in the first inning and Cabrera continued his hot streak from May by knocking in a run in the 3rd along with Posey, his second of the night.  That’s all Madison Bumgarner would need as he threw 8 solid innings of no run baseball.  “Mad Bum” has been pitching lights out with 11 strikeouts his last outing and a 6-4 record on the season.

Saturday at AT&T Park the Giants and Cubs turned back the clock and both teams wore their respective uniforms from 1912.  It was awesome to see those pinstripes in the Bay and just an overall fun day as the Giants again beat the Cubs again 2-1 and Cain got his 6th win of the season.  The Giants scored both of their runs in the 6th when both Huff and Arias knocked in runs, and Romo finished it off by getting his first save of the season.

Sunday was a gorgeous day in the city, and it proved to be for the Giants again as well.  The Giants are finally starting to see the Zito that we all heard about when he was across the Bay for the A’s, and it couldn’t be better timing, especially with Lincecum still struggling to find his stuff.  He pitched 8.1 innings while only giving up 4 hits and 2 walks, and the offense definitely appreciated this effort only being able to get 2 runs from Wood who pitched a good 7 innings himself.

All season the Giants have struggled sweeping a team, and it wouldn’t be any easier this series given that it was 4 games.  Coming into the game the Giants knew the Cubs would be scratching and clawing to avoid the sweep and they came out swinging to give the Giants a run for their money.  Clevenger and the pitcher Samardzija got things started for the Cubs but Crawford had himself a good day with 2 RBI’s to help the Giants march towards victory.  Vogelsong had another solid performance and Affeldt got his first save of the season.  It was definitely a weekend the Giants needed and manager Bruce Bochy couldn’t agree more.


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